West Info
avril 9, 2019
Pouzauges, France
2 impasse du Pressoir, ZA du Fief Roland



Company West Info

Pouzauges, Vendée, little city based one hour driving from the sea in the French countryside


3 months internship between June and august 2019, dates can be negotiated


We are WEST INFO, a French IT society services.

We used to work with clients that give us interventions every day for ready-to-wear fashion stores. We receive interventions for all around Europe.

Then, we share these interventions to our IT technicians who previously agreed to work with us.

The missions we organize:

  • Laptop installation;
  • Maintenance;
  • Break down diagnostic;
  • Deployment at the professional;
  • Dynamic display…

The challenge:

Be able to adapt yourself to different way of work according to the different cultures we work with.

Practise a foreign language.

Deal with French clients demands.


We are looking for a +/- 3 months trainee.

We need someone to help us developing our IT technicians’ network in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA and Canada.

We want to make our French team more international as we are already working all around Europe. Having someone who speaks English at work would be a great opportunity for us. We want to improve our English and discover a new culture as we would be glad to share our own one.


Possibility to find you an accommodation for the time you are in internship.

Activities to do in that period in our region: going to beach, concerts, festival…

Profil recherché


German or Dutch natal speaker.
Good level in English.
No need to speak French.
Student from Foreign Languages or International Trade.
Interest in IT and intercultural communication.
Seuls les membres enregistrés peuvent postuler pour les emplois.