par Mathieu.F
Publié: août 28, 2019 (il y a 4 semaines)
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15th september
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30th june

Hi ! I’m a French guy studying Physics. I will spend a year in Ferrare. I smoke ocasionally ( I don’t refuse a cigarette but I do not buy by myself ) Ihave been in a colocation of 5 back in France. I have three cats back in France( why does the website asks thtat ? aha). Most of my spare time is used in biketrips, I love being alone in the nature of a foreign country to read and cook. I use couchsurfing and warmshowers to meet people  and I love meeting new people that way, these are some of my best memories. I am pretty much like everyone else, I like to go to parties and dance, to watch series/ movies, to do a little amount of sport everyday, …. Oh and I cook every days. I am what we call now flexitarian I assume. I can live with the most calm person and the most excited person, I follow the mood. What more can I say ? I am 1.96m tall maybe. Have a good day !